Balloon Tank from Hans Hemmert

March 24th, 2013 | Robot

Hans Hemmert Balloon Tank 1





I recently stumbled across this sculpture made back in 2007 by Hans Hemmert, a Berlin-based artist. It is called “German Panther.”  In time, the balloons slowly deflated into nothingness, and apparently, local children were allowed to destroy the remnants. I assume this was, in some way, a political statement…

It would have been quite interesting to see the movement of the balloons in person.  The tank was originally shown at the Staedtische Galerie in Germany, but unfortunately, this piece will only live on in cyberspace.

Hemmert also made this interesting balloon church, maybe in reference to the fragility of organized religion? Or the absurdity of it?




Find more from Hans Hemmert here.


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