Balancing Rocks from Michael Grab

January 13th, 2013 | Space

Balancing Rocks 1

Balancing Rocks 2

Balancing Rocks 3

Balancing Rocks 4
Balancing Rocks 6

Balancing Rocks 7

Balancing Rocks 5

Michael Grab is responsible for these alien-like organic sculptures made only from balancing rocks. You won’t find any hidden adhesive like tape or glue keeping these structures in order.  It is simply the force of gravity at work.

This must certainly be a labor of love because to imagine the sheer number of failures it took to get these just right is maddening.

Here is Michael discussing one such experience:

“So much care and attention must be paid to the overall balance the entire time. If not observed carefully, one small rock can bring down the massive blob of rocks. I had it happen at the end of an attempted blob…the one that would have been done before this one. LEARNING EXPERIENCE. So I took the lesson and applied it to this particular blob. This one actually rocked in the wind and scared the hell out of me a few times.

My body closely tuned with the feeling of the blob. There’s a point of feeling when I KNEW it would collapse without me. Instant adrenaline.”

At this point, you may be asking yourself how these feats are possible.  Well, Michael says:

“The most fundamental element of balancing in a physical sense is finding some kind of ‘tripod’ for the rock to stand on. Every rock is covered in a variety of tiny to large indentations that can act as a tripod for the rock to stand upright, or in most orientations you can think of with other rocks. By paying close attention to the feeling of the rocks, you will start to feel even the smallest clicks as the notches of the rocks in contact are moving over one another.”

And here’s a video demonstrating his the craft:

The force is strong with this one.


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