Anatomical Art from Danny Quirk

June 30th, 2013 | Brain

Danny Quirk 3

Danny Quirk 2

Danny Quirk 4

Danny Quirk is a rising star in the field of anatomical art.  He created these beautiful and educational body paintings, which take roughly 6 hours and are composed of latex, sharpie pen, and acrylic paint. Apparently, he stumbled upon the concept while trying to make his girlfriend a Halloween costume…

I am really impressed with the accuracy of the drawings. These could (and should) be used in medical schools to learn anatomy.

And now for something a bit more risque… Do you want to know where babies come from? Just click here. (WARNING: Absolutely NSFW!)

If you would like to purchase prints, head on over to Danny’s Etsy page.  And, find many more works of anatomical art at his Facebook page.


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