Anatomical Alphabet by Laura Facci

December 18th, 2014 | Brain

Laura Facci Anatomical Alphabet

Laura Facci is an artist from Caracas, Venezuela (she graduated from Design Institute of Caracas – Illustration Degree – in 2012). She created this anatomical alphabet for a school project, the assignment was simple — create an illustration for each letter of the alphabet, choosing a specific theme.

As you can tell, Laura chose the human body as her inspiration, and it turned out really well. You may notice that the alphabet follows the Spanish language instead of English. B for Boca = Mouth. P for Piernas = Legs. O for Orejas = Ears… and so on. It might be a good Spanish test to see if you can name all of the words that match the drawings.

Laura Facci Anatomical Alphabet Letter L

L is for Lengua – Tongue

Laura Facci Anatomical Alphabet Letter B

B is for Boca – Mouth

Laura Facci Anatomical Alphabet Letter S

S is for Sangre – Blood

Find more from Laura at her Behance page.


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