1920’s Project by Jakub Rozalski

October 17th, 2014 | Robot

Jakub rozalski - 1920s project

Jakub Rozalski is a Polish artist who wields a graphics tablet to mix early 20th century artwork with futuristic machine warriors. It’s quite surreal to witness manual laborers, cavalrymen and foot soldiers working alongside gigantic robots… And he somehow makes it all look very natural.

Interesting note: the piece above titled “Into the Wild,” is a tribute to the bear ‘Wojtek‘, who fought with the Polish army in Africa and at Monte Casino.
rozalski - 1920s project Winter Soldier

Jakub rozalski - 1920s project 2 rozalski-warlord Jakub rozalski - 1920s project 3 rozalski - 1920 - before the storm

To find more from Jakub, check out his concept art and illustrations at his tumblr.


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